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GCD continues to work on issues related to accessible parking spaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact when I see a person illegally parked in the accessible parking space?

Contact the local parking enforcement or the business owner/manager.

Who do I contact when a business has no accessible parking?

Contact the business owner or manager and ask why there is no accessible parking and when spaces will be provided. A copy of the NM 2015 Accessible Parking Checklist (link above) can provide valuable information to a business owner.

Does every parking lot require van accessible parking?

Yes. The New Mexico Building Code Section 1106 requires each lot to provide at least one van-accessible parking space.

Does every parking lot require accessible parking?

Yes. The NM Disabled Parking Act (NMSA 1978, ยง 66-7-352.1 et al.) requires each lot to provide at least one accessible parking space.

Are van accessible spaces reserved for only vans?

No. Van-accessible parking spaces may be used by cars. The signage identifies the availability of the van-accessible space so that others may leave it available for vans. However, a person with a disability and a placard and/or license plate may choose to park in the van-accessible space and this would be allowed by state and federal accessibility requirements.

How much does the placard cost?

Parking placards are free.

Where do I get a parking placard?

Placards can be obtained at the local Motor Vehicle Division. An MVD form must be completed by your physician verifying the need for a parking placard or accessible license plate.